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26 June '22 /
I’ve been searching for a way to write blog posts through a beautiful, mobile-friendly interface for almost two years. Notion was always a very good answer but the code required to make it work was always keeping me back. But I finally did it, this blog’s content is now fully hosted in Notion Me writing a blog post with vim Existing solutions There are some UIs built specifically for git enabled static sites like forestry.
04 October '20 /
Oh Rust, how much I love you… Love at first third sight, like I had with my English teacher. She was ugly but I was 10 and she was a female that stood near me for an hour and talked to me in a soothing voice. That’s what Rust is, ugly but it’s there for you with a soothing voice. On the other side we have C++ that the Arduino Framework is written on.
04 December '19 /
Ahoy reader, this is kinda an open letter. But mostly is my desperation in computer font. Rust why don’t you love me? I read about you, I spent nights and days. I fought the borrow checker monster for you. I learned about lifetimes. And you promised two things: - “Systems” language, close to C - Memory safety I just wanna call you via a C binary. I don’t want you to fly.