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26 January '21 /
This is a weekend project to keep your filaments safe & dry. It’s very easy to rebuild and adapt to your needs with (hopefully) available spare parts. After a long term abusive relationship with the 3D printing hobby, where I was brutally murdered several times as described here, it was finally time to find a good partner and settle down. I bought the Original Prusa MK3S. I can finally print dickbutts using plastic.
07 October '20 /
Why is it that hard to 3D print across years? Why can’t I have consistent printing experience, while not spending a kidney? I don’t get it. Why is the machine constantly failing? I’m a computer guy, I know that human errors are all over the place but how does a machine break on its own so frequently. And don’t get me wrong, it might be a budget Creality Ender 3 but it’s proven to be a good machine and its components are not majestic.
20 October '19 /
Take a breath, sit back and think: Why the fuck not spend some money instead of endless, painful hours? You don’t have money ok, ok, but what if you… WAIT. Wow, a new world, 3D printing, ACTUAL 3D printed hollow cubes that I PRINTED. Oh wait, is that smoke? Welcome ladies and gentlemen on another miserable and painful part oooooof drumroll the CHINESE FACTORY!!! Starring: - Tears - Anxiety - A Creality Ender 3 3D Printer kit that I got from gearbest - 1 month waiting - Smokey electronics
11 October '19 /
All I ever wanted, was a tiny Chinese factory inside my house. I’m not talking about the people, suicidal thoughts or racism against Chinese people, I’m talking about being able to make stuff. Quickly and effortlessly. So, instead of paying a factory and waiting for a month, I’d like to pay 10x the cost and cry myself to sleep, before I can get what I want. But it’s a one time thing :) (per machine).