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Your next door humanoid with a grain of love for programming, infosec, electronics, martial arts/acrobatics, binge watching series till you can’t move. Excited under-engineer (== that’s boring, I’ll automate it, but I’m too bored to automate it) and rational buyer, cause “I’ll need it for my next project”. Here you’ll find failed or unfinised projects and maybe, JUST MAYBE finished projects - but don’t get your hopes up.

I’m Dimitris Zervas and this is my blog, hopefuly. Lets hope that this project will fly. That’s my hobby, projects about projects.

For questions/ideas/whatever, hit me up at dzervas at dzervas dot gr or at Exarchia, Athens, Greece (don’t hit me for real, it’s a saying).

PS: I often cry over code that does not work as I imagined or my 3D printer. You’ve been warned.

Have a nice trip!