27 May dzervas
This is a small journey on how I reverse engineered the MagicForce 68 keyboard and tried to add bluetooth functionality to it. It’s a small keyboard (68 keys, 65%) and is USB-only (it’s not the smart model). It has a controller that I can’t flash with a custom firmware, so I had to hook wires on it. The Hardware The first step in determining what I was against, was to at least partially disassemble the keyboard.
22 April dzervas
First of all, lets flash Adafruit’s NRF52 bootloader for easier future flashing My J-Link was “Broken. No longer used” - or so the JLink tools said (AKA bought from e-bay). So I had to go to openocd). Connect the J-Link (or any SWD capable debugger supported by openocd - even an FT232 breakout will do) to the target - I have a Bluefruit by Adafruit. git clone cd Adafruit_nRF52_Bootloader make BOARD=feather_nrf52832 all FIRMWARE=lib/softdevice/s132_nrf52_6.
09 April dzervas
(NOTE: This whole setup described is useless. Cloudflare offers this whole service for free with a much easier setup and 0 maintenance. Reported by an HN comment (my handle on HN is ttouch). Don’t use what I describe bellow unless you really have a reason not to use Cloudflare. That’s what this blog is about. Failures :) ) That’s what my mother always said when I was little. And don’t talk to strangers.
04 December dzervas

Ahoy reader, this is kinda an open letter. But mostly is my desperation in computer font. Rust why don’t you love me? I read about you, I spent nights and days. I fought the borrow checker monster for you. I learned about lifetimes. And you promised two things:

  • “Systems” language, close to C
  • Memory safety

I just wanna call you via a C binary. I don’t want you to fly. I just wanna love you…

20 October dzervas

Take a breath, sit back and think: Why the fuck not spend some money instead of endless, painful hours? You don’t have money ok, ok, but what if you… WAIT. Wow, a new world, 3D printing, ACTUAL 3D printed hollow cubes that I PRINTED. Oh wait, is that smoke?