02 November '22 dzervas
As the years have gone by, it seems that cracking software is more and more synonymous to “malware”. As this world no longer knows how to operate in a manner of doing something for the common good, selfless moves that would give access to people that can’t bear the stupid “entry price” have been shadowed by moves that replace that “entry price” with remote access instead of money. It pains me and makes me sad, but at least I can share some aspect of it, as I’d rather not go to jail.
26 June '22 dzervas
I’ve been searching for a way to write blog posts through a beautiful, mobile-friendly interface for almost two years. Notion was always a very good answer but the code required to make it work was always keeping me back. But I finally did it, this blog’s content is now fully hosted in Notion Me writing a blog post with vim Existing solutions There are some UIs built specifically for git enabled static sites like forestry.
05 September '21 dzervas
For the past 5 years I’ve been obsessed about finding a super quick way to make hobby-grade PCBs at home. The race I was looking to win was the “I don’t want to wait 3 weeks being able to do nothing after I remembered that I2C needs in-series resistors”. I want to get my board in my hands in about an hour without doing much. And I found the way, but most importantly, I found the workflow.
28 April '21 dzervas
Often the nRF52 micros get stuck or misbehave and reach a weird state with the pairings. Often the solution is just to clear them so here’s adafruit’s code to do that and a ini to make it easy. platformio.ini [env:clearbonds] platform = nordicnrf52 board = particle_xenon framework = arduino The board can be any nrf52 board, it can be any generic board that uses the same chip that you actually have.
26 January '21 dzervas
This is a weekend project to keep your filaments safe & dry. It’s very easy to rebuild and adapt to your needs with (hopefully) available spare parts. After a long term abusive relationship with the 3D printing hobby, where I was brutally murdered several times as described here, it was finally time to find a good partner and settle down. I bought the Original Prusa MK3S. I can finally print dickbutts using plastic.